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HP launches new laptops, tablets

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Created Dec 20 2007 – 7:59am

As you know, we were pretty impressed by HP’s svelte 2710p tablet [1] when we got our grubby little mitts all over it at CTIA. So we’re happy to hear that the company is looking to update its entire lineup of convertible tablets in the near term. Above you’ll see the all new Pavilion tx1400us tablet, which packs a 12.1 inch touch screen, 2.2Ghz AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-64 CPU, 2GB of RAM, Geforce Go 6150 graphics, DVD burner, 802.11n and Bluetooth into a 4.5 pound, $1200 package. Not to shabby, eh? Word on the street is that these puppies are already available for pre-order on some sites and that further updates to HP’s Pavilion tx1300 tablet line are forthcoming.

In other portables news, HP announced updates for eight different Pavilion laptops, just in time for the holidays. The new 14.1 inch dv2700t, dv2700tbw, and dv2700tse models, 15.4 inch dv6700z, dv6700t, and dv6700tse machines, and 17 inch dv9700t and dv9700z will all replace earlier models, bringing a handful of modest hardware upgrades to the table. The 14.1 inchers will get a NVIDIA 8400M GS card with 128MB of RAM, the 15.4 inch models will get the same but with 256MB of RAM and the 17 inch units will get NVIDIA 8600M GS graphics with 512MB of RAM. What’s more, all eight models are now available with an optional Blu-ray/DVD burning combo drive, for all you budding auteurs out there.

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