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iPhone 1.0.1 Update fixes Safari vulnerabilities

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Created Aug 1 2007 – 6:59am

Sure, you might love your iPhone to death but you’ve got to admit, it isn’t perfect. Between the annoying battery bug and the gaping security holes in Safari [1], the iPhone is not without its quirks. Luckily, one of the phone’s most unique features–the ability to install software/firmware updates direct from iTunes–may turn out to be one of its most useful. Only a month after releasing the phone, Apple has made iPhone Firmware Update v1.0.1 available via iTunes and while the changes it brings are mostly invisible to the user, it’s still a must-install. The most important fix, of course, is a patch to protect your iPhone from that Safari exploit we saw a week ago, which allows a hacker to gain total control over the phone’s functions [2]. And worry not, iFuntastic [3] fans, your iPhone hacking tool of choice will still work after you install the update.

Speaking of hacking, the enterprising hackers behind the iPhone Dev Team keep inching closer and closer to their ultimate goal of a totally unlocked iPhone. The latest news is that they’ve successfully reverse-engineered the software that controls the device’s cellular radio … [4]

For a full lists of fixes:
– see this Gizmodo article [5]

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